Rena Hymans is a lawyer since 1997.  Rena first obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from Chadron State College in 1994 with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Business Administration. 


        She went on to earn her Juris Doctorate degree from the University of South Dakota School of Law in 1997.  She was first admitted to the South Dakota State Bar in the Fall of 1997.  Shortly thereafter, she obtained her memberships into the Nebraska, Oglala Sioux Tribe and Rosebud Sioux Tribe bar associations as well.

        Rena's first employment began before leaving law school, working as a research assistant to Professor Frank Pommersheim in the area of Indian Law and criminal justice.  She also worked on the Pro Bono Project through USD law school in conjunction with East River Legal Services based out of Sioux Falls.  Her third year of law school, she interned for Karen Schrieir when Karen was the United States Attorney for the District of South Dakota.  Rena's first employment out of law school was as the law clerk for the Second Judicial Circuit in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, starting when the Honorable Gene Kean was presiding judge ending her year with the Honorable Judith Meierhenry presiding.  Rena also worked for National American University teaching classes at their Sioux Falls campus. 


        At the end of her clerkship, Rena was offered two positions for employment - working for the Honorable Sherman Marshall on the Rosebud Indian Reservation as a public defender or for Glenn Brenner in Rapid City as a deputy state's attorney. Rena chose the latter. 


This was short lived with Rena determining her philosophy was that of a criminal defense lawyer, not a prosecutor.  Her first law firm was born - Langley-Atchison Law Office in Rapid City.  Rena shared offices with Nancy Manning, Elizabeth Frederick & Ronda Miller.  The Abourezk Law Firm offered Rena contracts to complete various types of work on and off the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian Reservations. 


        Eventually, the contract grew into a position with Abourezk Law Firm in Rapid City.  Within two months of starting, Charlie Abourezk and Robin Zephier gave Rena a couple low speed rear-end collision files to try.  Thanks to their guidance, Rena went on to attend and complete the Trial Lawyers College with Gerry Spence and his staff at Dubois, Wyoming.  The experience of trying a case in the "big barn" and the friends made there will never be forgotten.   Rena also worked for National American University at the Rapid City campus for a short period of time instructing paralegal students again.


        Rena worked for approximately four years for Abourezk Law Firm primarily on personal injury and Indian law matters.  In 2004, Morman Law Firm in Sturgis offered Rena an associate position.  She accepted.  As part of a small town law firm, Rena expanded her areas of practice into criminal defense, family law and other general practice matters.  In 2007, Rena left Morman and opened her solo practice, also based out of Sturgis - the firm she runs today.


        Rena grew up in Cambridge, Nebraska.  She is a hard worker who has continuously had employment since a young age - paper route, cleaning business, lifeguard, secretary, inventory specialist, intern, etc.  Not from a wealthy family, Rena had to have employment to work her way through school.  Now, Rena lives on a ranch in the Vale community with her husband Scott and one son.  Scott and Rena also have a daughter who is grown, married and has already blessed them with one grandchild. 


        Rena knows that a great many thanks are owed to a great many people along the way.  Many have helped her in every community she has lived - her parents, Doc Jones and others in Cambridge; Dr. George Watson, the staff and Grandma Colene in Chadron; Judges Shawn Pahlke and Michael O'Connor, Charlie Abourezk, Robin Zephier and many more in Rapid City; the Reindl's and the members of the Black Hawk Volunteer Fire Department in Black Hawk; and the many folks in the Sturgis, Vale and Nine Mile communities of which Rena is currently a part.  Rena remains active in the community as a board member (no longer active) of Wellspring and TREC (Head Start) in Belle Fourche.  In the past, Rena has assisted in charitable works as an EMT/Firefighter, fundraiser for a local diabetes charity in Sioux Falls & Rapid City, 4-H leader, and so on.



         Yvonne Barry is the wife of Bob Barry, mother to four children and grandmother to several more.  Yvonne is a legal assistant.  She has worked for the Meade/Butte/Lawrence Housing Authority for just shy of 20 years before working with Rena. 


         A great listener and consummate professional, Yvonne brings a loving heart and great balance to the office.  One example of the contributions Yvonne makes to the community is her facilitation of the Divorce Care classes offered through Lifespring Wesleyan Church in Sturgis. 


         Yvonne operates as the glue that holds the firm together while Rena is away - always at the office to answer the phone, lend a listening ear, and give solid advice.  Yvonne grew up in the Marcus area, lived for several years in the Union Center area, and made Sturgis her home to educate her children in their high school years. 


         Yvonne is a country girl at heart and loves God, her family, being outdoors, riding a dirt bike or her motorcycle, and much more.  She is always willing to give a helping hand.  The firm is happy to have Yvonne working in its midst.

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