Adoption is wonderful, but there are often many legal hurdles to overcome before an adoption can take place. Let us help you bring your family together. We also know how to navigate many complex tribal issues as well. 


We're here to help individuals, children, and families in the Western South Dakota area. Each case has unique facts and circumstances that affect the strategy of the case.  



Among the many worries for small business owners who are starting or are already running a business is the question of whether they need a business lawyer.

If you are facing a legal issues, or just have questions, contact us! We're locals too. and here to help you succeed. 



We are 100% dedicated to our clients. From minor offenses to major felonies, each individual gets the time and care necessary for the best defense. 

Rena has nearly two decades of experience with jury trials and attended the prestigious Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming. 

Because each situation is so unique, we investigate the validity of the charges, related evidence, and provide you with the defense you deserve. 



DUI is a serious offense that could affect your future and employment. Take the DUI seriously, and make sure to retain legal services. We have experience dealing with out-of-state residents, situations with illegal substances, and more. 


No matter if you're transferring property between family members or a complete stranger, we can help. We have a notary on staff and can offer legal services throughout the process. 


From large commercial enterprises to the individual homeowner, we can help with evictions. We work with companies in a long-term capacity and can even help if you just have a one-time problem tenant



Legal guardianship is a status that allows a person, such as a grandparent, to care for a minor child and make decisions on her behalf. Let us help walk you through the important proces of a guardianship or gaining conservator status.


Rena M. Hymans, PC, possess years of knowledge and experience with tribal courts in South Dakota. 


If you believe a loved one needs immediate help and would like to talk to someone about the process, please call our office.



A power of attorney or letter of attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on another's behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter. We can help you quickly and accurately so you can move on to the next step.



Wills are a great way to take care of loved ones. Please contact our office for a full list of services and how we can help you pass on monetary and real property. 

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